about me

Who knew that life only gets better after 30?

Hi there! You came here to read a bit more about me, and I get it, I am curious too 😉 I will try to keep it short and to the point, because you will find out a lot about me reading my blog.

Quick Facts about me:
• I’ve lived in four different countries and 8 cities so far
• I am 33 years old and currently live in the Netherlands
• I am going to live in São Paulo for 7 weeks this summer
• I love waking up early-early when the world is still asleep
• I am a happy wife to a wonderful German man
I don’t have children, but two darling Bengal cats
• I love to travel – I’ve visited 34 countries so far
• I am a business owner and I couldn’t be happier
• I am a polyglot (currently speak and understand 5 languages)


I absolutely ❤ my husband and two cats, family, cruising, traveling, Los Angeles, everything Brazilian, writing, languages, reading, American and Brazilian country music, American Football, good food, YouTube, and life.

These ^^ are also the things I like to blog about.