Finding an Airbnb in São Paulo

So one of the most exciting things I’ve done so far is researching where I am going to be living for seven weeks. I first looked at hotels, but I soon realized that Airbnb would be the cheaper and it would give me the more authentic experience. I spent weeks researching different neighborhoods because the topic of safety in Brazil is a thing…


So I quickly realized that the areas around the main popular street in São Paulo, called Avenida Paulista, are the safest, but also the most expensive when it comes to apartments. Coincidently, my language school is also located in one of these areas. I knew I wanted to be around here, because this is also where things are probably most exciting and safe for me. Also, São Paulo has thousands and thousands of high-rise buildings, so a great view was high on my list of things that I wanted.


I looked at a ton of different options and I listed some requirements:

  • 24/7 security in the building (door man)
  • great view with balcony or something
  • safe neighborhood
  • walking distance to subway
  • walking distance to a grocery store
  • modern apartment
  • washing facility in apartment or building
  • Superhost (which is a trusted host on Airbnb)
  • Less than € 1,100/month

I had a favorites list on Airbnb of a bunch of apartments that I really liked and that were around my budget for the seven weeks. I read hundreds of reviews and compared many different locations and narrowed it down to a couple. Some were further out than others. Some didn’t have a balcony, others were a bit further away from a subway station.

Making the decision

I soon narrowed it down to two options. One was right off of Avenida Paulista, it was a gorgeous apartment with a fantastic view and a washer inside the apartment, but no balcony and also not in walking distance to school. But it was only 2 blocks from the subway and just 2 stops away from school.

The other choice was a gorgeous new apartment building with the most terrific view, laundry room in the building, pool, co-working spaces, walking distance to school as well as Avenida Paulista, just a bit more of a walk. It had big windows that could open to give you that balcony feeling, even though it isn’t technically a balcony. The neighborhood wasn’t as nice as the first option, though.

Avenida Paulista
Avenida Paulista

I then had to think about if I wanted to ride the subway to school 3-4 times a week. After much consideration I decided that no, I would like to be able to walk to school and be there in 20 minutes instead of having to walk to the subway, wait for it, then walk another half mile to school from the subway. So, I chose the second option.

It’s a gorgeous new apartment building in Vila Mariana with 24/7 security. I will probably write a post on it soon and obviously when I am there, take some pictures.

I wrote the host and he was really excited and nice. I booked it for the seven weeks. So there’s no going back now!

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