Going to São Paulo

Well. It’s happening. I am moving to Brazil. I mean, it’s only for seven weeks, but still. I fell in love with everything Brazilian seven years ago. The culture, the music, the food, the language and the people. Ever since I’ve been wanting to visit Brazil. My husband and I passively made plans a couple times, but they fell through each time, mainly because we ended up going on vacation somewhere else.

Stepping out of my comfort zone

For over a year I’ve also had this urge to live abroad. Move away and step out of my comfort zone. My initial thought was Los Angeles, but I know that city like the back of my hand so where’s the challenge in that? So then I thought about Brazil. How scary is that? I do speak the language well, but it is a completely different world. I would be lost going there by myself. My next thought was: I want to do it! There’s something so liberating about exploring a new-to-me country and culture by myself. I wanted to go for an extended time so I could feel what it’s like to live like a local.

Learning through immersion

The perfect excuse for this trip was a language course. I found that immersion courses are something quite popular. It’s a language course where you learn through immersion. So you have regular classes and you get to know the city/country through activities. The language is being taught 100% in Portuguese.

Why São Paulo?

So I had to find a language school and decide where to go. I first looked into Salvador da Bahia and Olinda, because there’s some EF language schools there, but upon further investigation I found that big cities would be a bit safer and if I register myself, it would be much cheaper than doing it through an organization. Plus, this is another step of the whole “explore the country by myself” as well. Figuring things out without the middle man.

Anyway, I looked into São Paulo and Rio, the country’s two biggest cities. Rio sounds fun and when I talked to my Brazilian friends they told me I should go there. But when I asked them why, they mentioned the party atmosphere and beach life in Rio. “That would be more fun.” But this is exactly the reason I decided against Rio.

São Paulo
São Paulo

I’ve always been into São Paulo, or what I think the city entails. It’s a very cultural city, a financial metropole. Free-spirited. This is what draws me to it. So I soon found a language school that offers 5 week immersion courses and I registered.

The plan

On June 22nd I am flying out to São Paulo with a layover in Lisbon. I will arrive there in the evening and then go to my Airbnb (which, by the way, is absolutely amazing… blog coming!). The course will start the following Monday on June 24th. It will be 5 weeks. On July 27th my husband will fly in. I am so excited to show him around and to have him there with me. We will stay in São Paulo and do a 5 day trip to Rio as well. I also plan on going to visit a friend in Belo Horizonte one weekend.

All in all, this is going to be an exciting seven weeks and I expect to come back with a ton of stories to tell. And that is why I am keeping this blog, so I can keep everybody up to date and I can look back on my time there later.

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