What I do when I’m not traveling

More than once a month I get the comment “you’re always traveling!” And I guess if you compare it to what’s considered normal, I do travel quite a bit. We usually do one or two really big trips each year of 2 – 4 weeks long. We go overseas and often do some cruising. In between we take several trips within Europe, usually in combination with a concert, an NFL game or for an anniversary. We will fly somewhere for a long weekend or something.

I actually like working

So it sounds like my life is very eventful, but really, it isn’t. If I’m not traveling, my life is most uneventful. I love working. I am a business owner and on average I spend about 25 hours a week, 4 days a week on my business, working and doing administration. This is plenty for me. I earn a good income *knock on wood* and get to recharge with a long weekend. As a highly sensitive person, I need this to stay sane. Ever since I started working for myself, planning my own work hours and working from home I have been 500% happier and mentally in better health than before. I may blog about this.

I don’t enjoy chores

If I am not working, I am doing chores around the house. Sometimes. My husband works 40+ hours a week so I try to keep the household chores to a minimum for when he is home. I am not the perfect housewife, but I clean, do dishes and try to do some laundry (admittedly, I am not great with the latter). We cook together, because we enjoy this time in the kitchen. We try to have a date night every week, out or in, doesn’t matter.

Literally me when I'm not traveling or working
Literally me when I’m not traveling or working

I love doing nothing

Besides that I get to spend time unwinding and doing things I enjoy and that recharge me. I catch up on my YouTube subscriptions (obsessed!), I watch some crime documentaries on Netflix or YouTube, I write a blog here and there, I listen to lots of music, browse on social media (even though I try to cut back on this) or I am planning and looking into my next trip. Right now I am doing a lot of research on my trip to São Paulo in 3 months, and I love watching videos about what to do, where to go and read blogs about the city.

I also have about one Portuguese lesson a week where I Skype with my tutor/friend for an hour and it’s a lot of fun and it motivates me to keep learning and stay curious.

I guess I try to balance my super active travel life with my super passive regular life. And it’s working for me!

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